Build your Members site with the most user-friendly Members organizer using sophisticated online tools to connect to your group and the world.

Member Monster is an incredibly powerful and feature-rich framework – all your business, database and promotion tools are smoothly integrated.

We know that your organization needs a website that:

  • looks professional
  • requires no advanced skills to build and use
  • can be customized
  • is intuitive and easy to understand
  • keeps members involved

Member Monster’s competitive edge:

  • our commitment to sustained development and outstanding technical support (the world is ever-changing and so are we!);
  • our system that balances your members’ privacy with increased club inter-connectivity and public engagement;
  • a robust, efficient, easy-to-use dashboard, and;
  • and our most important advantage- Member Monster integrates your website, membership database and social media to reduce the workload of webmasters and club volunteers.
    • News and event posts can be entered once, curated and shared automatically across the web.
    • Your website can be designed and styled to reflect your organization’s unique brand.
    • Your Webmaster can select from a large dropdown of useful and popular tools to extend the capabilities of your group’s website.
    • Your membership database is connected to every component of the Member Monster framework providing real-time management, history and reports.