In addition to regular Monster Features and special Monster Plus Features, you will have the highest level of Monster Ultimate Service.

Webmaster Support

Most groups who are managing and engaging at least 500 members select the Ultimate Plan level. This level works best for managing more members with deeper, specialized reporting and marketing. The Ultimate level also works best for medium to large organizations with little technical experience. Our IT Team steps up to provide you with up to 8 hours of monthly expert webmastery, social media expansion and specialized training as your group needs it. More webmaster hours, if you need them, are available at an extra charge.

Custom Reports

As a regular feature of all our plans, you will have access to a complete database file (a formatted CSV file) that displays all your member data fields.  But if you need reports with special formatting for Quick Books, PDFs, spreadsheets, or other uploads… make your request and one of our developers will produce your custom report and a one-click button for easy access. You can request up to 8 custom reports with this upgraded feature. More custom reports are available at an extra charge.

Advanced eCommerce

Selling products and recurring subscriptions

As a regular feature of all our plans, you will have access to a basic online store where your group can vend name tags, shirts, or other branded items. ‘Name Your Price’ Donations is also a regular feature on all our plans.

You can upgrade these features by adding recurring subscriptions for content, podcasts, donations, video, and more. Your members can store their payment information behind a secure firewall and set up recurring billing. If there are other eCommerce features that you want to add… make your request and one of our developers will work with you. The Ultimate Plan includes one special feature. More eCommerce features are available at an extra charge.

Newsletter Production

Managing your communication network

As a special feature of our Ultimate plan, you will have a MailChimp Upgraded Plan. You can use this service to build your newsletters and send up to 12,500 subscribers with unlimited sends every month. We can help you set up an account for your editor’s use. A $30 per month value.

Don’t have a newsletter editor or need help with bulk emailing? As part of the Ultimate plan, you can work with one of our Email Support team members at a discounted rate. We use your members’ mailing list and upload your final formatted Word document or PDF to deliver on your publishing date. Contact us for newsletter billing rates.

Advanced Event Administration

Promoting your events

As a regular feature of all our plans, you will have a calendar to publicize your meetings and events. You can create regular or featured events, sell tickets with Paypal or receive RSVPs. You can also add images, pdfs, venues, GPS maps and organizer contact info, Google and iCal calendar links.

When you upgrade to Plus or Ultimate, these are the extra benefits:

  • add recurring events
  • add custom fields to the ticket order form to collect additional registration information for each attendee
  • connect ticket sales to your Store making a ‘one-stop’ shopping experience for your users (consolidates all purchases and donations in one eCommerce tool, excluding member dues)
  • enable Eventbrite Tickets uploads to your calendar
  • enable user-submitted community events on your calendar, accept easy to manage event submissions while also retaining full control over your calendar.
  • $50 per month value.
  • Want something more? Contact us. Extra event admin features are available at an extra charge.

WordPress Training

We have training webinars and one-on-one sessions available -our Ultimate Plan includes up to 10 hours of WordPress training to get your admins started. Need more training for more people? More WordPress training is available at an extra charge.

Click HERE to read more about WordPress and how we build your site.

Monster Developer Chats

You will be invited to our Ultimate Plan webinars hosted by our developers. We will present new ideas to expand the reach of your organization, increase your membership, improve your site’s search engine ranking and promote your events.

We like to work closely with our member groups. Our platform not only helps your site look attractive and function more efficiently, it will also help your membership grow. You will get plenty of marketing and promotional support with our Ultimate Plan.


Ready to get started right now?

  1. Pick the plan you want and sign up.
  2. Use the design form and these easy step-by-step tips:
    • use your own website domain name (such as a .com or .org name- this can be purchased separately. Don’t have one? We can help with that.)
    • upload your organization logo, color scheme and desired page names
    • receive, review and approve a professionally designed and mobile-friendly template from one of our Monster Designers
    • send your members’ list- we upload this for you and send your members a Welcome email with login instructions.
    • When your new Member Monster site is created, you can immediately add your own text, images and events along with any other content

We’ll contact you with more details and begin your Quick Start. During the entire set-up process, our Monster Support team communicates with you, supporting your adoption and guaranteeing your success.