Why your group should have a new website

21st century websites

Think: The web is never done. This is a commonly understood fact by website developers the world around. Your members are upgrading to new mobiles, tablets and laptops and your website should be working on all devices. In addition, all the new apps, interfaces and security measures

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Welcome to the Social Distancing Opportunity

Here at Member Monster, we have always been proponents of virtual workers and remote support teams. But others have been afraid to embrace the human potential that is limited by their geography and circumstances. It took a little virus with big implications to put a new spin

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Let Us Help with Google Search

Google search and cancelled events

Need help updating your canceled, postponed, or virtual events in Search? In the current environment and status of COVID-19 around the world, many events are being canceled, postponed, or moved to virtual formats. Google wants to show users the latest, most accurate information about your events in

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