Your website becomes more than a website- it’s a MONSTER manager for your members, subscribers, online events, accounting and communications.
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We build websites for GROUPS that want to grow into the future.
What are the Possibilities?

Organize & serve your members better.

Manage your funds & transactions securely online.

Transition smoothly to a digital database.

Expand your membership & your group’s influence.


Member Monster is not JUST for groups and clubs. Member Monster database tools are also GREAT for musicians, artists, instructors, coaches, authors- anyone who is an entrepreneur and wants to organize subscribers, students and fans. You can offer online lessons, music downloads, online event registration, podcasting and video libraries. Keep your business passion going through 2021- ONLINE!
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What does your website look like RIGHT NOW?

members log in with a secure passwordDo members log in with a secure password, renew their membership & change their contact details?
Member Monster gives your members a great user experience. They can create their own secure login and update their membership account and details. We provide lots of support to help members help themselves. See examples of Resource Guides and Videos.

see your member activity and receipts in real-time whenever you wantCan you see your member activity and receipts in real-time whenever you want?
Member Monster gives your Treasurer 24/7 access to all financial records.
Need help with accounting services? We can be on your Treasurer Team with accounting experience and transparent financial reporting. Call us to find out more.

take payments for events and donations with a single checkout pageCan your site take payments for events and donations with a single checkout page?
Members pay their dues, register for events and make donations with a single checkout. Choose from 3 payment options: credit/debit cards, PayPal and mail in a check. Members can save their shopping cart and pay later. See a checkout page example.

news and events share out automatically to all of your social mediaDo your news and events share out automatically to all of your social media?
* One of our popular automated tools is Post Once- Share to All. When events and news articles are posted on your Member Monster website, you can choose to have it automatically share to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram pages- plus others.
* Do you need Newsletter help? We keep your mailing lists updated and your news going out on time.
* Marketing strategy: we can help you plan a promotional or recruitment campaign using social media, videos and emails.

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Our Customer Support is Second to None!

Member Monster is here for you. We support your officers and admins with training to help them learn to use your website. And we know that, well, sometimes you just want someone to do the job for you… ask about our Concierge Webmaster Service level.

We have your back when you need help with your website. No ask is too big or too small- ever.

Member Monster hustleMember Monster is a website builder that works for your members as well as your admins. It does a lot of the organizational ‘heavy lifting’ so you don’t have to. Save time and effort with automated tools that work together. Focus on YOUR mission and your members instead of managing paperwork and spreadsheets.

Member Monster’s website framework can help your website do everything you’ve always wanted!

Choose from a wide range of services: membership login, accounts and services, MailChimp Forever Free account, Stripe e-commerce dashboard, PayPal integration, robust database tools, reporting for accounting, event registration, dues payments, donations, merchandise, member participation and more.

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Grow your membership with less time and work!Membership Functions
Grow your membership with less time and work! All your ‘people’ data is related and interconnected to every component of the Member Monster framework.
Inform your members, let the world know what you're doing
Communications Engine

Inform your members and let the world know what your organization is doing. Newsletters, emails, social media promotion and more- integrated and easy to access.
A complete record of event performance & membership participationEvent Administration
A complete record of your events, event performance and membership participation along with all the necessary planning tools and notifications.
Coordinate your group's financial records and track transactionsAccounting Tools
Easily coordinate your group’s financial records and track transactions to every member. Download real-time reports with one-click. Member Monster will help you format files to upload into your accounting software.