Member Monster- we build powerful websites to manage your group better.

Really quick… here’s some technical stuff! Member Monster is built on the leading open source CMS, WordPress. WordPress is responsible for 1/3 of the websites operating on the internet today. (Want to know more? You can Google ‘WordPress’ for more information.) Member Monster has a team of developers that specialize in the software we use. We are committed to growing with the ever-evolving nature of the internet.

How does Member Monster work?

We update your current WordPress website (Don’t have a WordPress website? We can build you a new one!) with your choice of options from these 4 core components:

Accounting Tools

Membership Functions

Communications Engine

Event Administration

We create a website than can smoothly manage your group’s activity, promotion, planning, reporting and communication. Your organization can work better, run faster and be more efficient with Member Monster. Administrative access is restricted to key volunteers and officers to secure all your membership data and financial reports in one dashboard.

Monster Website

Monster Unlimited Support, Free SSL Certificate, Monster Hosting Included
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Monster Ultimate

Monster Website Features plus all Monster Plus Features

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Recommended for organizations and businesses of all types.

100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

If within 30 days of purchase you decide not to use our software and services, you may request a full refund. To obtain a refund, you will have to contact us, including the username, email address, and name on file for the account you wish to cancel. At that time, we will cancel your membership and refund any one-time payment made.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I start?

Member Monster Website is the basic plan that all our website subscribers start with, then we expand sites with Monster Plus Add-On Features as a group needs them. You can upgrade or downgrade service any time and your monthly billing is adjusted accordingly.

Member Monster Ultimate includes the entire Monster Plus Add-On Features library. (Includes up to 5 hours of Newsletter production and $35 MailChimp billing.)

We know that you are busy, and you want a webmaster that will do the work for you. We offer a Concierge Webmaster Service that works as part of your team.

How much support can my group expect to receive?

Our Customer Support team is very easy to reach by email. We also offer phone support and video chatting via Zoom. We’re happy to provide instructions and troubleshoot any issues. We always value feedback from our subscribers and love to hear your comments.

Can I get extra training for my admins any time I need it?

Yes, you can. We offer all the online training you need.

We show your admins how to access the dashboard and look at every bit of data that connects to each member. You can track dues, profile information, store orders, donations, event registration, logins, email receipts- everything that a member does on your site.

We already have a website. Can we connect to Member Monster?

If your organization has a WordPress site- No problem. Member Monster works perfectly with WordPress. Your website can be expanded to use all the tools: styling, layout and the advanced Member Monster features. Our domain hosting package, SSL certificate and domain registration are also included in your Pricing Plan.

Our organization has a trusted webmaster. Can we keep our webmaster and use Member Monster?

You are free to use your own webmaster. We will provide the same super support to any of your admins. However, we provide webmaster services for monthly posting, updating, archiving and newsletters. Our webmasters are already deeply trained in the Member Monster platform- please give us a try!