In addition to regular Monster Features, you can choose
Monster Plus Add-On Features to customize your plan.

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Want them all?
Our Monster Ultimate Plan includes Monster Plus Add-On Features plus everything below* for a total monthly charge of $399. This is our Concierge Webmaster Service level.

* Includes up to 5 hours of Newsletter production and $35 monthly MailChimp billing.
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Website Expansion

An interactive calendar to publicize your meetings and events- $10/month.

  • You can create regular or featured events, sell tickets with Paypal or receive RSVPs.
  • You can add images, pdfs, venues, GPS maps and organizer contact info.
  • Events have calendar instant sharing links for Google calendar and iCal.
  • Registration creates an automatic attendance list with a check-in feature.
  • The calendar is linked to the Accounting and Membership components.
  • Events can be shared automatically to your group’s social media pages.

Advanced Calendar Features- $10/month.

  • add recurring events
  • add custom fields to the ticket order form to collect additional registration information for each attendee
  • enable Eventbrite Tickets uploads to your calendar
  • enable user-submitted community events on your calendar, accept easy to manage event submissions while also retaining full control over your calendar.

As a regular feature, you will have access to a basic online store where your group can take orders for name tags, shirts, or other branded items, as well as, collecting dues payments.

You can upgrade your Store features by adding:

‘Name Your Price’ Donations- $10/month. Give your members the freedom to enter the amount of their donation.

Recurring Subscriptions- $10/month. Take monthly payments for donations, content, podcasts, videos, and more. Your members can store their payment information behind a secure firewall and pay or donate for a subscription period of your choice.

QuickBooks Integration-$40/month. Are you using QuickBooks software? Sync your group’s store to your QuickBooks Online accounting platform – in real time! With 2-way sync and no data limits manual entry is a thing of the past – automate like never before.

If there are other eCommerce features that you want to add… make your request and one of our developers will work with you.

Our choice of bulk email service is MailChimp.

You can set up newsletter subscription forms, manage contacts and varied mailing lists, track who is opening emails.

You choose your service billing level- we set up your MailChimp account and take care of the billing. Service levels start at $10/month based on subscribers.

$10/month: 1-999 subscribers and 10,000 sends each month

$25/month1,000 -1,500 subscribers and unlimited sends each month

$35/month1,501 -2,500 subscribers and unlimited sends each month

$50/month2,501 -2,700 subscribers and unlimited sends each month

$60/month: Over 2,701 subscribers and unlimited sends each month.

If you have your mailing lists on Constant Contact, AWeber, Get Response or Infusionsoft, we provide access to those providers, too! Contact Tech Support for help.

Building a communication network with your members and supporters


Newsletter Production- Charges:  $40/hour.

We can edit your newsletter and keep track of your email lists. Work with our publishing team to get your news out on time every time. 

As a regular feature, you have a one-click button to download a complete database file (a formatted CSV file) that displays all your member data fields.

If you need reports with special formatting for Quick Books, PDFs, spreadsheets, or other uploads… make your request and one of our developers will produce your custom report and a one-click button for easy access.

Custom reporting feature- $10/month.

Need a little or a lot of help with webmaster duties? We can assist with posting and updating site content: articles, events, reports, newsletter posts, minutes, leadership directories, page content (ie: issue groups & committee pages). $40/hour.

Video editing, Photoshop services, Print production help also available. Give us a call for details.

We can meet your group’s needs and work alongside your leadership team with extra levels of service. Contact us for an estimate.

Is your group missing a Treasurer? We provide a wide range of secure accounting services and transparent financial reporting for your group, including help with mobile banking and manual check entry. Let us join your Team. (Note the Treasurer add-on service and the Quick Books Integration add-on service may be included with your Monster Ultimate Plan. Contact us to discuss your special needs.)

Membership Support. If you’re wanting to aggressively grow your membership and need marketing help to build your membership campaigns, contact us.

Event Promotion. Have a super special event coming up? Video production, Google ad buys, Facebook boosting and YouTube monetizing are just some ways that we can help you develop marketing strategies to make your event a big success.

Ready to get started right now?

  1. Pick the plan you want and sign up.
  2. Use the design form and these easy step-by-step tips:
  • use your own website domain name (such as a .com or .org name- this can be purchased separately. Don’t have one? We can help with that.)
  • upload your organization logo, color scheme and desired page names
  • receive, review and approve a professionally designed and mobile-friendly template from one of our Monster Designers
  • send your members’ list- we upload this for you and send your members a Welcome email with login instructions.
  • When your new Member Monster site is created, you can immediately add your own text, images and events along with any other content

We’ll contact you with more details and begin your Quick Start. During the entire set-up process, our Monster Support team communicates with you, supporting your adoption and guaranteeing your success.