Member Monster- easy-to-use and powerful online member management.

Member Monster is built on the leading open source CMS, WordPress. We update your current WordPress domain (or build you a new one!) with an impressive toolbox to easily manage your group’s activity, promotion, planning, reporting and communication. Your organization can work better, run faster and be more efficient with Member Monster. Our Member Monster system is nimble and powerful- keeping all your member data and reporting in one easy-to-learn dashboard and securely under YOUR control.

Member Monster Pricing Plans

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100% Money-Back Guarantee

All Membership Plans include a 100% money-back guarantee.

If within 30 days of purchase you decide not to use our software and services, you may request a full refund. To obtain a refund, you will have to contact us, including the username, email address, and name on file for the account you wish to cancel. At that time, we will cancel your membership and refund any one-time payment made.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which plan should I choose?

Most groups that are managing at least 350 members select the Plus level. If you are managing more members, require more specialized reporting and want the benefits of the Ultimate Plan, you can upgrade at a later time and the difference in price will be credited toward your upgrade.

Can I purchase Plus Features individually?

Yes, you can. We have separate charges for additional services. This works well when one of your board members needs one-time training or you want one special feature for your website. If you need extra services on a regular basis, consider an upgrade to the Plus or Ultimate levels.

What do you mean by ‘integrated’?

The Member Monster system has multiple database functions that work and play together- all on your website. Each member can look at their individual account page and review payments, attendance history and personal profile. Your admins log in to one dashboard and have access to every bit of data that connects to each member. You can track dues, profile information, store orders, donations, event registration, logins, email receipts- everything that a member does on your site. Easy to find, easy to run a report: all your member data is working together to make your organization run better.

How much support can I expect to receive?

We provide very deep support and are able to resolve most customization needs and troubleshoot most issues via the support knowledge base. When custom coding or reports are needed, we will assist with writing the code and will instruct you on exactly how to use it.

If you have a very deep list of requirements and we are not able to resolve all of your issues, you can ask for a refund within 30 days.

We already have a website. Can we connect to Member Monster?

If your organization has a WordPress site- No problem. Member Monster works perfectly with WordPress. Your website can be expanded to use all the tools: styling, layout and the advanced Member Monster membership features. Our free hosting package, SSL certificate and domain registration are also included in your Pricing Plan.

Our organization has a trusted webmaster. Can we keep our webmaster and use Member Monster?

You are free to use your own webmaster. We will provide the same super support to any of your admins. However, we provide webmaster services for monthly posting, updating, archiving and newsletters. Our webmasters are already deeply trained in the Member Monster platform- please give us a try!

Does Member Monster offer WordPress training?

Yes. We have training webinars and one-on-one sessions available as an Add-On for purchase. *Our Ultimate Plan includes up to 10 hours of WordPress training to get your admins started.