Over half of all employed Americans (51 percent) transitioned to working from home last month… does that include you?

Whether you are working online from home or not, you’re probably missing friends, family, co-workers and regular outside activities. You have probably learned to use some new digital tools like Zoom, Skype or Google Hangouts to chat with friends and colleagues. You also may be starting to feel a little desperate for a ‘normal’ face to face conversation. The reality is: it will still be a while before we can be together and the future of public meetings is going to be different. Feeling stressed out yet?

Don’t let that stop you from continuing important work with your community groups right now. You actually have a great opportunity to reach out and create member involvement on a different level. All of the effort you put into staying connected digitally will pay off quickly since everyone else is wanting the same connection.

Volunteerism has been suggested as an avenue to reduce stress, as an outlet for rage, as part of the healing process, and as a means of empowering people.

We want to help you stay active with your volunteer groups, activist organizations and charities. Non-profit groups may feel a temporary lag, but an enhanced digital network can bolster members’ spirits and focus their attention on your organization’s mission. Give us a call. We’re happy to listen to you and work with you.

 Member Monster can help with that.