Do you have content you want to share or monetize?

Do you want to start a virtual classroom?

Do you have a group that you care about and want to help them stay connected?


It’s important to support our communities, large and small, with virtual meet-ups, instruction, coaching, and forums while staying at home and connecting remotely.


Create an online revenue source by teaching a skill or guiding lessons digitally. Some ideas: cooking, exercise, pet grooming, origami, making a website, writing… the list can go on forever. What is your passion or expertise? Start a site where others can sign up, learn and have a little fun… and build economic support for yourself online.

priscilla-du-preez-unsplashArtists, writers and musicians want to share their creativity and need a lot of support right now. Start a site that brings people together to play, talk and trade tips.

Health workers need huge support now, too! Create a site that helps identify, collect and track items that are desperately needed and share them with a community of volunteers.

Neighborhoods need ways to stay connected. Some neighbors are more vulnerable than others and may need help with shopping and household jobs. Start a site to keep in touch with each other and stay informed of what needs can be filled: mowing a lawn, getting groceries, picking up prescriptions, walking the dog, etc.

  • You can start your own virtual member site.
  • You create free and paid memberships for different levels of content access.
  • You can link your social media pages to your site so members can stay connected and informed anywhere, any time and on any device.

Do you want to start today? Member Monster can help.