Here at Member Monster, we have always been proponents of virtual workers and remote support teams. But others have been afraid to embrace the human potential that is limited by their geography and circumstances. It took a little virus with big implications to put a new spin on being more meaningful contributors without limitations. Communities, businesses and groups of all kinds can continue to stay in touch, make plans, build relationships and keep moving forward. We, at Member Monster, have the technology, the experience and the knowledge to leverage a better future of working together! 
  • We are 100% paperless, from HR to operations, from finance to sales, 100% of our activities have been online since the beginning.
  • More than that, it’s our core business to digitize groups and organizations, and we provide services to our clients remotely. This is the beating heart of our Monster software.
  • Our mission has always been to offer tools for members, leaders and admins to work smarter, in order to make their membership more supported, engaged and productive. It’s critical now more than ever before.
Don’t let Social Distancing scare you- open the doors to opportunity… growth, support, engagement, inspiration, action.
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Here is a post from a friend with a web software company- All I can say is: Welcome to the party, my friend!
~ I used to be against working from home…
I have had bad experiences with some of my employees in the past, and heard stories of abuse in other companies as well. Although I knew it could be productive, I was afraid of the downsides. So, we did not have any work from home policies.
Last week, we went from 4 to 700 employees working remotely, almost overnight. And it’s efficient! Everyone is working at full speed, and collaboration is still very good. Over the past 5 days, productivity did not decline.
Yesterday, I was able to meet with 12 different teams in less than two hours, all of which got me up to speed in just a few minutes.
In every crisis, there are opportunities. Ours was to improve the way we operate remotely.